Friday, April 7, 2017

Kindle Reading

I recently had an argument with a 14 yr-old at middle school youth group (helping out this year, probably in charge next) about the pros and cons of a Kindle e-reader.

First, I'll confess that I don't actually have just an e-reader. I bought a Fire 2 years ago to save myself the agony of not having printed patterns for all of my crochet projects. Definitely saving on paper in that department. However, our local library system also uses the Overdrive app, compatible with Android devices. So, I have access to a huge library of resources, without ever leaving my home. It has saved me numerous library fines, and lots of stress.

This student at youth group, however, was trying to convince me that printed books are better. Hilarity ensued as we went back and forth on the benefits of printed books vs the benefits of e-readers. I tried to convince her that having a digital book can be convenient if you are going out of town and want to bring 5 books with you-- instead of five printed books, all you need is one e-reader. She would not budge. "The smell of books..."

I have to say, I don't disagree. The first thing my husband and I unpacked in our house 2 years ago was our vast collection of books. In fact, a huge selling point for us was the built-in bookshelves in our basement. When in college, I sought out first editions of the Harry Potter series. We own several copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Our "nerd alert" shelf 

However, I am a full time, working adult, who also happens to be a wife and mother. Library visits don't happen very often (yet). My personal library is not always what interests me. Some days, I need a new work of fiction that I can read in a few nights and feel pleasant about afterward. My Kindle, and the library's online/digital presence, has helped me read again.

I'm pretty sure I read one new book my first year of marriage. Coming from a woman who read new books every week, this was a huge change. As I continue to deal with anxiety and depression, I've realized that new knowledge is key to help me distract myself. Since the beginning of this school year, I have read at least 7 new books, which is roughly one a month.

My Kindle, with my most recent crochet project hiding behind

You won't find me arguing the allure of a printed book. This past October, I bought 2 new theological books to read, devouring one almost immediately. Old books are one of the things I hate to purge (although cleaning is necessary) and I love used book sales. But sometimes, a busy life needs convenience, and Kindle gives that to me.

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