Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Going G-Free Again

With spring weather comes more time outside, leading to an overall better feeling me. I've been attending my local CrossFit box since January, and that along with chiropractic care has seemed to be the best fit for helping my chronic back pain. Physically and mentally, things have been going quite well, but I'm seeking a way to not back-track.  This article regarding a g-free lifestyle was recently shared with me, and I really appreciate the validation it offers for some of the problems I've dealt with. (TL;DR- wheat and dairy products potentially influence a person's susceptibility to psychological issues, including depression and anxiety).

Over the last 8-10 months, I've been experimenting with the gluten free lifestyle, limiting bread and pasta and all other gluten-y goodness. My original reason for cutting gluten was related to my back pain. However, it only went as far as I would let it.  Confession: my mom is a baker, and her bread is hard to resist. Most "falls" I had in the first few months were at my parents' house. I lost a few pounds, felt better about myself, but didn't notice any improvement in my pain level.
And my messy counter in the background

With lack of improvement, there was lack of interest. I started to eat pasta again. Bread was in my house anyway, so I ate it if I wanted. Also, beer. Enough said.

However, even after 6+ months of care with a therapist and some improvement, I'm now seeking alternatives to therapy and medication. The added benefit of losing some of my back pain would also be nice. At this point, I don't know how dedicated I will be to the cause of no gluten. Both my husband and son eat gluten foods, so they are always in the house. But gradually changing may be better for me.

My newest test is pictured above. An oat-y banana bread that is delicious even if you aren't g-free. I don't always have really ripe bananas for bread, but my husband suggested it, so I have a great filling snack all week at work! Win-Win!

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