Monday, April 10, 2017

Making the Most of Remnants

I love the remnant fabric bin at my local Joann's store. Something about the potential, the color, but also the limits. Most days, it's a bust. But every once in a while, I find something good. 

A few months ago, I scored some brand name camouflage fleece and a nice green fleece. Thinking they'd make a great 'something' for my husband, and considering the 50% off fleece sale (in addition to the remnant sale price), I bought both pieces. 

Sidebar: I am totally useless at math. Totally. Meaning, I usually end up with way less or way more fabric than I need (or yarn... or whatever) for the project I want to make. 

The aforementioned fleece sat in my craft room for a while. I dutifully washed it, laid it out as a measurement of sorts, realized I needed more, and folded it up and put it away.

This past week, I had my spring break. One of the wonderful perks of being a teacher. Also, a prime time to work on projects. With the happy toddler in tow, I headed out to the craft store for some yarn to finish a project. I had a great coupon (of course), and knew exactly what I wanted. Just a few skeins of yarn, nothing else. 

That nothing else turned into more green fleece (50% off again) and 2 cuts of fabric for dresses for me. Whoops. However, I now had my husband's Easter gift. 

Another round of washing and drying, lots of "help" from my toddler, and an hour later, I had a fleece tie blanket. 

Those that sew may tell me (and you) that I easily could've made do with the fabric I had. Probably true. However, with my nearly sub-par sewing skills (mostly straight lines, honestly), tying was the best way to go for me. I split my initial piece of green fleece, used it to border the camo, and then did endless knotting.

Again, not the most economical, but definitely a labor of love. Another lesson on measure twice and cutting once-- I have those nearly every time I sew (whoops)-- and more ideas on entertaining the toddler without digital entertainment so I can work.

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