Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It's been a while since I properly shared with Ginny's yarn-along, as work and baby have kept me busy. Oddly enough, I don't have any pictures of finished gifts. They were finished just under the wire, and gifted to my family out of town.

because I need more cosy blankets
My mom and sister have a tendency to pick up Lion Brand Homespun for me, for my craft show projects. So although I just started my 2015 Stashdown-- with the Knit Picks (and more!) Stashdown group - 6000 g net loss by Dec 2015-- I got a few **cough**8**cough** new skeins of yarn. To counter the yarn gain, I started another Rectangular Sampler Blanket. This pattern is great in any weight yarn- for the homespun, I just take out the bobble rows and do more granny rows. Also, since this is a bulky weight yarn, I may do fewer rows-- or just keep going for an adult sized blanket. 

My little one is getting so big!

My little bundle of love is four months old now, and loves chewing on things, wiggling, and standing. He's not crawling yet, but with the way he's moving, we expect it soon. I still have a few WIPs for him, but hopefully will get them finished before he gets too big.

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  1. Adorable baby! I love crocheting blankets in the winter, so satisfying!!

  2. He is beautiful:) love your stash knit down idea, I can stick to those until the fall weather :)

  3. He is so adorable! Enjoy your baby watching and your crafting.

  4. your baby is so cute and lovely. Yay for gifts of yarn!


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