Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Busy Elf

I said the painting would return. I got inspired Sunday night, and put my inspiration into action during JT's afternoon nap yesterday. Last year, I received as part of a gift exchange a multi-media Christmas canvas- "O Tannebaum" would probably be the theme- and I was really struck by its beauty and simplicity. As mentioned before, Michael's had canvas on sale- plus I had a few that I had snagged from my little sister- so all my supplies were on hand. These are planned as gifts, though still incomplete at the moment. All of them will have some form of crocheted embellishment added plus maybe some paper or fabric. 

in need of some pink hearts

I may add more yarn to this one

in need of a border to create balance

Painting hasn't been my only adventure since Christmas break started. I've been struggling to finish some blankets, and the first one is nearly done. There are a few ends left to sew, and the possibility of a bigger border, but the largest part is complete. The pattern is Sunny Spread, and is quite enjoyable. Full notes on my Ravelry page. I really hope it will be received with as much love as it was made with.
a sunny snuggly lap blanket
The next few days are going to be extremely busy, with lots of traveling. E is working Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas, but we will be able to attend Mass as a family on Christmas Day before adventuring to my parents' for celebrating with my family. JT and I will be celebrating with my aunts on Friday, and Saturday all three of us will celebrate with JT's godparents. Sunday will be a busy day with all of my husband's family in town. I love having a season of celebrating, though it sometimes can be a struggle to remember to slow down, too. I'll get reminders of that, I'm sure. 
JT's favorite snack: his hands
If I don't get back before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday. Thank you for you love and support and encouragement this year- it has meant so much to me!!


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