Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wendesday: End of March

Despite my inconsistency in posting, my reading has been steady, but really slow. The same can be said of my knitting and crocheting. Life has just been happening. Spring Break is next week for me, though, so I hope to get a few life updates posted, as well as yarn & books :)

The book came recommended to me, and seeing as I really enjoyed my last recommended read (My Sisters the Saint) I thought I'd give it a try. Not much to report on it today, as I've barely made it past the first 50 pages. I can say that it is a riveting story of a small town preacher trying to save the desolate street gangs of New York City. Originally, I thought it was a more recent occurrence, but this was written in the early 60s, about the 50s. It talks a lot about relying on God, no matter the circumstances, which is really hitting home with me. 

My crochet project is a chunky scarf. I bought this yarn from a co-worker, who got a great deal on it, but it wasn't what she thought it was-- super bulky single ply wool. Naturgarn is definitely interesting to work with, and not my first choice of fiber, ply, etc, but I hate passing up a good deal. So bulky scarves! They would've been perfect for this past winter, but I figured it doesn't hurt to plan ahead for next. The pattern is my own, double crochet, with some crossed stitches thrown in. As you can see, I just started, so nothing much to look at. 

In regards to the weather--- I'm ready for it to stop. It feels like this winter has been perpetually cold, and I've had a near constant chill. The weekend promises 50 or 60 degree weather, and I'm really hoping I can get out and enjoy some of it. 


  1. Oh gosh, I sure hope our "chunky scarf" days are over till next winter!

  2. I agree with you on the wishing for winter to ease up a bit. The birds are singing madly here even though it's chilly out there. Lovely chunky wool that will be made up in no time at all :)

  3. I love that book, soon ready for spring!


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