Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving again- a much needed update

After prayer, discussion, and a very clear answer to our 'laying out the fleece', we are halting our house search and switching apartments.
In order for this to all make sense, you'll need to see a layout of my life since last May, in the simplest terms possible.

- College Graduation- the job search begins
- interview for two possible jobs, neither of them what I expected.
- offered two possible jobs
- take the full time teaching position, even though it was not what I had planned- not my subject, and further away from home than I had hoped, split between middle school and high school... the list goes on
- finish moving into new apartment (ish)
- got married
- left my hometown, my home, my family to my husband, in his town.
- honeymoon
- start teaching the day after we got back from our honeymoon
- husband takes volunteer fire department job on top of his other job
- my schools announce that the middle school is moving into the high school building for the next school year. My job goes from fairly secure to completely unknown.
- plans continue for school consolidation, everyone's job is still in murky territory
- we decide to start looking at houses
- we find out we're pregnant
- job looks slightly more secure- one of the principals really likes me as a teacher and person
- approved for a home loan
- the house we really liked came back on the market. We went through some informal inspections, etc, and put in an offer
- my in-laws kicked the tenant out of their upstairs apartment
- our offer on the house was completely refused- they had gotten a way better offer from someone else.
- we talk about husband going back to school in the fall for another (better) certification
- in-laws offer/we ask about the upstairs apartment.

We've decided to move into the apartment at my in-laws' house, which will be a huge change. However, we do feel that God is putting us in this place, and that we are working with his will. So cleaning and painting has commenced. And as soon as the last of the furniture is removed (stuff from previous tenants, etc) we will begin moving our own things slowly over. This, fortunately, will be a more relaxed move than we had planned on, simply because we are able to move as we feel like it is necessary. Things in our current apartment that aren't being used will get moved as we clean and paint.

All the changes can be both exciting and scary, but still so good. I'm getting ready for June, and the chaos that is all the time post spring break and the end of school.
As much as I loved my library job, I love my teaching job more. It's pretty typical for people to insult teachers, saying that they get the easy job, with summer vacation built in, but I'm pretty sure all those people would feel burnt out if they didn't get a vacation from the madness of pre-adolescents.


  1. WHAT!? you find out in January you are WHAT!? and where is the big jump for joy yahoo announcement?

    Woohoo! congratulations! what a wonderful anniversary-ish present this will be.

    and best wishes for the new move as well! lol

    God is good and I am sure you are both moving in the direction He sees for you (but wouldn't it be great if He passed out roadmaps? just sayin')

    congrats again
    many blessings for you and your husband on these wonderful new journeys you are on.


  2. Hi! I missed out on your announcement of the baby! May God bless you both! Lots of changes for you!


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