Friday, March 28, 2014

Finishing Friday

Blue or pink? Any guesses?

I didn't quite finish my projects this morning, but I'm hoping by this evening to be finished with my chunky blue scarf. The other is a button cowl in a pale pink, just waiting for buttons. 

For those who caught my post yesterday, the lack of fanfare was not due to lack of excitement, but rather to 'I don't know how to proceed with this' in a sense. Work does not always leave room to get excited, but I have found some patterns to try- this sweet pinafore, this knit baby tunic, this knit blanket, another cute pinafore style dress, and this hoodie.

Once summer vacation hits, or maybe even as soon as spring break, I will start to get excited :)

FO Friday @ Tami's Amis!

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  1. Mary! I just caught up on your blog, and I am so happy and excited for you and your family. Congratulations !!!!


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