Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunny Summer Shawl

I just love alliterations! Yeah, I'm a teacher like that. This week, I've slacked off quite a bit here, mainly due to a full work week-- a co-worker's on vacation, so I worked every day. (the only sadness to that is working on my birthday, which I will celebrate with my family tomorrow).

It has given me time, though, to crochet. I tested a shawl pattern for Anastacia Knits, and I wanted to have it finished to show off today.

FOF 6/21/13

I've also been working on some shawl pins, one of which is featured in the above photo. I haven't blocked the shawl yet, but I think it will just bring out the edging more, so the photo is a fair representation.

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  1. beautiful shawl, the colour, the pattern, everything. And the shawl pin is lovely too, works beautifully with the shawl colour

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow, that is gorgeous! Did it take long to crochet? I like the shawl pin too. How is it made?

  3. Belated Happy b-day. Lovely shawl! I always think test knitters are so brave! I usually opt for patterns that lots of people have done already, so that I can find help if I need it :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shawl. And I was looking at it and thinking how much I liked your shawl pin, then I read further and saw you had made that as well. Lovely work.


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