Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As Summer Draws Near

My weekend was super packed, so I didn't get as much crafting done as I would've liked. However, I am getting there. Making lots of lists really helps me stay organized.

E just went through all my boxes, packed up and resting at his parents' house, and I have close to 35! More than half are books, with craft & yarn coming in second.

  • been listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audiobook- I can clean or craft while reading!
  • reading a bit of Sherlock Holmes on the tablet- I love Project Gutenburg!
  • Helena, by Evelyn Waugh- future mother-in-law teaches English to several of the home-schooling families because her knowledge of literature is extensive. This book was on a list in one of the homeschooling programs, and the moms wanted her to teach it. The students didn't like it so much. She's asking me for a second opinion.
  • study guide for the Social Studies MTTC- need to take this last test to be able to properly teach.
WIP baskets
Sampler started on the left, ripple with barely any progress on the right. 
  • Wedding ripple blanket- less than ten rows still, and a bit more than 75 days to complete it.
  • Wedding roses- they are looking amazing, mostly assembly left.
  • Rectangular Sampler- started this one to use up a bunch of leftover yarn from other projects. 
  • Stephanie's Wrap- still half hibernating, brought it out in hopes I can finish it before the end of June
  • U of M afghan- mom forced this one out of hibernation so I can finish it before I move out. I am protesting, since it was never really my project to begin with.
  • poncho- so close to halfway!
  • Caliometry- need to start this for a friend, hopefully to finish before the fall.
Because the school year ends next week, the chances of me getting any more subbing jobs is unlikely. So, the projects listed above are definitely going to be getting more attention, especially the books. I really want to get more of my history books read, just in case I need them for teaching related reasons.

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  1. Gosh you're busy! Good luck with the ripple, I don't think I could make one that quickly :-S

  2. Eek good luck :) I'm making crochet roses for my wedding too! Sounds like I have a bit more time to do them than you though

  3. Such great projects on the go. I love Sherlock stories as well


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