Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sick of Petals!

Yes, today I am definitely tired of petals, but not in the way you may think. While thoroughly enjoy the warm spring weather and the flowers that accompany it, my hands have been busy making little flowers for hats and hairclips, and they've about had it!
In the midst of my moving and cleaning operation, I sat down to take stock of my craft show wares. Hovering comfortably between a dozen and 20 of each of my main items is a safe place to be in May, especially when I don't start attending craft shows until September. However, I wanted to bring all of my totals up to 2 dozen before tackling the quicker projects or the better selling projects. So I grabbed a few small balls of yarn and some hooks, and spent a lot of time making flowers- which I use both as embellishment on hats and on hairclips.

Joining in progress
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Even though I over-dosed on flower making, I have not had my fill of new books yet. I'm still reading Jasper Fforde, this week One of Our Thursdays is Missing. Kathy Reichs just recently released her third Virals book called Code, and I finally have it in my hands. A few months ago, one of my students was reading it, and I was insanely jealous that their small-town library had a copy in before my library even ordered it! Along with those 2 books, I finally have a copy of Around the Corner Crochet Broders, to finish my parents' autumn colored afghan. I've browsed, picked a couple, and now just need to establish a stitch count before adding on the border. If nothing works out, I'll wing it, but having the book reassures me and makes me feel like 'at least I tried'.

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  1. Busy, busy! We, too, are turning our attention to craft fairs only ours aren't until November. :) Your flowers are super cute!

  2. wow! that is a lot of WIP!!! beautiful! :)

  3. The flowers are going to look adorable as hair clips! That's a cute idea.

  4. The flowers are so pretty! Love the vibrant colors.

  5. you might be tired of the flowers but I find them cheerful and beautiful!! Love the blanket and love that you might wing it :)

  6. I love the flowers. So pretty!

  7. The afghan is lovely! So are the flowers :)

  8. Lovely lovely, your post is a burst of beautiful color!


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