Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School interferes with Crafting.

The first week of school can be so chaotic. Trying to figure out the time it will take to get to class, making sure you are taking all the right classes- it's nuts. Monday, I ran around campus, trying to get papers signed, making sure I was still on track to finish my degree in time. It all worked out, but it was an exhausting day. Tuesday I had 2 classes, and was out at school for 6 hours. Even with all the chaos, it looks like I have a good semester ahead of me.

Because of the chaos, I have been trying to keep my projects small and travel worthy. I have been working on making Lucy's Star Decoration work for my purposes, and so far, so good. It's an excellent little project for little bits of leftover yarn.

The other thing I've started working on (despite my long list of WIPs) is a Rapunzel hat. This is part of the hat order for my boyfriend's sister. Her oldest daughter is 7, and very much enamored with "Tangled". I've seen numerous designs for this hat, and am attempting my own.

I'm reading quite a few things right now, as I am trying to balance my school work with pleasure reading. Still working on Lady Almina, as well as Theology of the Body for Beginners, plus working my way through the Granny Square Book to fill out my Autumnal Afghan more quickly. The other two books are for my politics classes. One for Religion and Politics, and the other for Comparative Politics. I am thrilled about neither.

I'm linking up with Ginny and Tami as per usual this week- be sure to venture over there!


  1. ok, those stars are freakin' AMAZING! i love them.

  2. I love Lucy's blog! I did a Ripple Blanket. :-)
    If you like historical fiction, Donna Crow also wrote Glastonbury (about England) and The Banks of the Boyne (Ireland). I enjoyed them all!

  3. Way cool stars. Look forward to the hat.
    Enjoy the variety of books.

  4. Pesky school!! I hate it when education gets in the way of yarn time haha. Great little take along projects.

  5. Good luck with school! I think having a project or two on the needles will be good stress therapy!!


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