Friday, August 31, 2012

One (or 2) shy of the Finish line!

I've mentioned multiple times in the past few weeks the hat order that I am filling for E's sister. Well, I can officially say that I only have one left!

Wednesday night I powered through cutting and fastening yarn, and Thursday I spent re-arranging flowers, so now Rapunzel is complete! I have all sorts of tight muscles in my neck, shoulders and back, but the finished product is so worth it.

(My second Toothless is still in pieces! Nearly done though!)

The one that is unfinished- a dinosaur- is only due to my lack of yarn for it.

So here are all the hats I made!!!
2 Yodas, 1 Toothless, 1 Rapunzel, 1 monkey, 1 pirate, 1 crown

Linking up with Tami for FO Friday!


  1. Your hats are wonderful and whimsical!

  2. So cute. Rapunzel is simply fantastic! So creative :)

  3. That Rapunzal hat is AMAZING! How did you come up with that idea? And am I too old to wear one? :)


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