Monday, August 27, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge Week 16

This week, school started. My craft time has been cut into severely. I'm taking 15 credits, which is full-time. 5 classes, 4 days a week: Political Science x 2, Geography, History, and Economics. It should be a decent semester.

In an effort to finish projects that take longer, I have been mainly focusing on my 2 knitting projects- the shawlette for my sister and vest for my brother. Both of those projects are going well, but they keep proving to me that I am a slow knitter.

Love Cables
My crochet project, at least for the Stashdown, has been the Autumnal Afghan for my parents. I checked out The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert from my library, and have been picking squares from there to fill out the afghan more quickly. This really has not been a stashdown project because I've had to buy new yarn for it. It's a 7 color palette, so I started with 7 skeins of yarn, bought 4 more, and then 2 more after that. I'm thinking I'll make it work. I was hoping to have a few more squares done for today, but I only have one:
Paula's Pendant
Luckily, it's the only project that I've had to buy more yarn for. Everything else is about making the stash fit the projects and vice versa. To use up scrap, I've been making an adjusted version of the Star Decoration from Lucy @ Attic24. It's a great little pattern, fabulous for scrap-bashing :)

I've finished my snowflakes, but am going to see if they have success at the craft shows. (The yarn I was using has not been used up yet. I really want to see the end of it.)
That's all for me today! There are three goals for next week: to have one of my knitting projects completed, 5 more crocheted blocks, and 5 more star ornaments. Hopefully I can accomplish that around all my school work. Hop over to Marie's to see how she's been doing!

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  1. Wow, it is definitely tough to be as organized about crafting once you're in school. The cables are awesome, and I really love that Paula's Pendant pattern too - I might even go make some more now!


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