Friday, December 16, 2011

FO Friday! #3 (?)

I am super proud of myself, because I've finished a number of things this week.

I've finished 3 crochet infinity scarves- the first one was a trial run, the other 2 are commissioned. Well, actually, the 2nd one was supposed to be commission, but the color wasn't entirely want the customer wanted, so I just set it aside for another Christmas gift :) The 3rd one is actually spot on for what the customer wanted- I'm super lucky that most of my customers are people I know well, so I can go to them and say "Is this what you want?"




I finished my first wreath (it was finished last Saturday). I've been on pinterest quite a bit, and keep seeing all these cool DIY wreaths. So, going off this idea, I bought pipe insulation at Menard's (nearly 2 months ago!). It was on sale, in 4 packs, so I ended up getting 3 or 4 packages. I've just finally finished the first wreath out of it, and am working on a few more as gifts. It's hanging in our living room, because my dad thought it looked Christmas-y.

My sister also got several orders for flowered headbands, and those have been coming along quite nicely.

And lastly, a gift for one of my family members

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  1. Nice projects! Your infinity scarves looks squashy and warm! Your wreath is really fun too, so pretty!

  2. Very pretty, looks like you've been super busy. Glad you're able to do exactly what your customers want!

  3. Love your scarves! They are gorgeous. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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