Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When it rains...

Actually, we just got hit with snow. But I just got rained on with crochet commissions. Just yesterday, I posted about trying to expand my business, and last night I *encouraged* my little sister to send out invites to my page to all her friends. Turns out one of my cousins' fiancees ( I have several cousins that are getting married soon) is interested in items for their family Christmas gifting. So I got flooded, a bit.

My donation for my school's annual auction
Luckily I finished an order last night, and am on the edge of finishing another one. Last year, I made my first donation to my school's annual auction, and I wanted to up the ante this year. Unfortunately, I was a bit behind, as the auction is this Friday. I am pleased with my donation, especially the penguin hat. Next year, I'll be trying to be prepared before the call for donations goes out. 

My little munchkin
We're still trying to enjoy the little-ness of our munchkin- but he's getting so big, so fast! I want to make so many things for him, but other projects are getting in the way. I'll be calling off custom orders at the beginning of December so I have time for gift crafting, and hopefully I'll get to some woolies.

For now, I will continue to be grateful and continue to pray for wisdom. Thank you all for your prayers and warm thoughts as well. 

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  1. well, that's a lot of blessings! good to have limits too in what you take on, as you mentioned! your little boy is very dear!


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