Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Out of my Element

I've been sewing. Which is so not me. I never took up sewing when single because my mom had this older sewing machine that she was convinced my sister and I would break. So I took up yarn arts because that was different from what my mom did. But with a little one at home comes the need for sewing projects. I feel silly paying for someone to hem fabric for me-- ala nursing cover or car seat canopy. Several internet searches led me to some DIY designs for both of these items. I didn't even need to buy fabric, because my mom has a friend who used to work at a fabric store and was destashing her fabric a few years ago. There are several large bins of it in my parents' basement now. 
very geometric fabric- so my lines are straight!
Luckily when this idea to do some sewing hit me, my mother-in-law was able to provide. I'm currently borrowing her machine, which apparently she rarely used.
the instruction booklet stays close!

All the hemming done!!
sewing machine problems
I made it most of the way through both my projects before the tension on the machine decided to go wonky. What's left on my two big projects is mainly hand sewing anyway, but 'breaking' the machine really dampened my morning. 

I was able to switch to my crocheting projects though. Both are CAL patterns from the CSW Ravelry group.  The first one I've been working on since July, but was motivated by the September CAL to get moving on it. 

nearly finished
I'm using KnitPicks Stroll and Candy Skein Yummy fingering. The colors are not showing true due to the overcast weather we're having.
My second one is the October CAL, modified to be more of a scarf size. I'll try for better pics when my arms aren't occupied by baby J. I'm holding two strands of Lion Brand Sock-ease together for this one, the second ball being one I dyed a while back. Hopefully the Sock-ease will soften, as it feels a bit stiff right now. 
new project
Pink Shawl-- desperately seeking shallow crescent
Blue-green scarf-- Nena

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  1. such great stuff you are working on. :)

  2. I recently did a sewing project too, and I am also not one you'd normally find in front of the machine! I've just about finished mine with the exception of an elastic waistband giving me trouble. You've got some really fun fabric though!

  3. busy, busy, busy!
    totally get the frustration of the wonky sewing tension! will say lots of prayers for you. lol

    many blessings

  4. lovely sewing! I would be bummed too that the machine went wonky; you are doing great and those crochet projects are so nice!

  5. look at you sewing!! I think you are doing a marvelous job and I love the fabric you chose :)


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