Friday, October 24, 2014

New Titles

I'm still getting used to being 'mom'-- my little one isn't even close to talking, so it's mainly others asking about him and reminding me of my new role. 

He's doing well, even with my going back to work. It's hard to leave him, but he's becoming very socialized at an early age with all the babysitters. 

Yes, I'm back to work, but even as a two income family, I'm still looking for ways to cut costs. 

Luckily we have friends who destashed their fabric. Burp cloths, nursing pads, and cloth wipes are all on my pile of things to sew. My sister-in-law also cloth diapered, and is passing her supplies onto me. Even though I won't ask my babysitters to use cloth when I'm working, weekends & evenings with cloth can still save us some money. 

My sister's calling me hipster and crunchy now, because of these changes. 

Why save money now? We're looking at a house again, and it has amazing potential. Prayers that it works out! 

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  1. God bless you! I hope the house is livable now with all it's potential; my God protect you and lead you to the right house; will light a candle for you; God be with you, near you...


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