Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not Wednesday Anymore

My crooked cast-on (later ripped out)
Planning for summer

Newly dyed sock yarn

This week has been a bit hectic, and it shows through in my lack of crafting time. Easter weekend was busy, filled with family, church, traveling, being pregnant sick, and sleeping. I really needed the weekend to decompress, so Monday morning I was not as prepared as I would've liked for classes. But it is Thursday now, and I've nearly made it through. I'm attending a retreat Sunday and Monday with the high schoolers, so I need to have substitute plans put together before I leave. It's a relief, in a sense, since this retreat gives me another 4 day week. After this, the next one doesn't come along until the end of May. The teacher who shares my middle school classroom optimistically has the note "7 more Wednesdays" on the board, as a reminder for all of us that the end is coming closer. I will never begrudge a teacher their summer again. It really is needed.

Speaking of summer, my summer plans include some lighthouse visits. The books are my heavy hints to E for a birthday trip. Nothing too intense, just an overnight visit, but a getaway nonetheless. 

I've been really enjoying the sock blanket as a project, because I am able to take it with me, and it doesn't take up much space in my school bag. My goal for Friday is to have my 7 squares finished, and I'm halfway there--- 7 is the number I decided on for getting enough width from the blanket, about 36" across. My only worry is running out of yarn. But I suppose running out will encourage me to start and finish other sock yarn projects, in order to have leftovers :-)


  1. oh my, I love the color of that yarn!

    we have lighthouses on the East Coast - just sayin!

    hope you are feeling better and you can rest this coming weekend


  2. I love lighthouses, too. But I'm not sure if it's the lighthouses themselves that I love, or the craggy ocean promontories on which they usually sit.


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