Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A New history book! Also, yarn

I love being busy with crafting things, and these weeks leading up to the holidays are quite busy. There is one final craft show this weekend, and I am hoping to have some new items in new colors for the final shopping push to Christmas.

New things!

From my fuzzy ipad photo, you can see my new book, all with two new projects that I've started. The dark blue yarn is another infinity scarf- lion brand has put out several new colors this season in their homespun yarn, and I am taking full advantage of fun and new colors.  The lighter blue that you can
kinda see it a third slouch hat, in a similar style to the red one from last week.

My new book is a gift from my husband, for St. Nick's Day & St. Lucia Day. Traditionally, with his family, books are the gift for St. Lucia, and food or candy is the gift for St. Nick. I've never celebrated Lucia Day before

Joining up with Tami & Ginny!


  1. love St. Lucia! I am looking forward to remembering her this year! I am getting this book for the occasion ~

    For some reason, FYI, your picture did not come through; I hope it does later as I would love to see what you are making!

    So wonderful that you can celebrate these days with your husband! :)


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