Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still Alive

Just in case anyone is wondering, I'm still around, still alive, and as busy as ever.

Besides my normal schedule of teaching and working, I'm also helping with the musical end of my school's spring production, as the director has little to no musical talent. Working with a number of my students outside the classroom is a lovely change, as I am able to get to know them on a different level.

Lent is in full swing at my house, as evidence by the lack of coffee (my dad only drinks tea during Lent) and pop remaining in the refrigerator longer (my pop-guzzling brother, who has become less religious in the last few years, has given up pop for Lent). With E, I am not watching television on a regular basis, and am attempting to use that time more effectively- for either school or prayer. Due to all these little changes, I'm also attempting to stay off my computer. Hence, less blogging.

I have managed to finish several projects in the last week or so, and they will pop up here when I have a few more minutes to take some pictures and plan some posts.

My wedding is less than 6 months away, and I'm starting to think of cleaning things out and packing things up. Hopefully, I'll be able downsize and live with less between now and then.

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