Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I am not usually one of those people who gets sick. Some years I'll get a bit of a cold, and I always have a stuffy nose during allergy season, but this time I think it's the flu. Or really close to the flu. Yesterday I called in sick to school, because I did not feel well enough to drive. I slept most of the day, so my early imaginings of making lots of progress on some of my projects was not realized.

However, by midafternoon-- three naps and lots of liquids later-- Mom thought it might be alright for me to go into my library job. I sit at a desk for a couple of hours, and only talk if patrons have questions, so I mostly agreed with her. I spent some time on lesson planning for the next few days of my government class, then moved on to a more relaxing activity-- crocheting.

My Snowdrop has progressed quite a bit, and when I got it out yesterday afternoon, Mom was quite taken with it-- definitely a good thing, as it is a planned gift for her (which holiday, I'm not sure yet). She has a sensitivity to pure wool products, but I've had her wear some of my other scarves made with sock yarn-- Felici and Stroll-- and she seems to think they aren't as scratchy. I'm making this Snowdrop as part of the Crochet Shoulder Wrappers CAL for February, and hopefully, I'll have time to make another this month.


  1. Your shawl is lovely.
    I hope you feel better quickly.

  2. It'll be a great gift - I live the colors in that yarn. Feel better!


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