Saturday, January 5, 2013

When Life Gets Busy

I feel a bit like I fell off the edge of the earth when 2012 disappeared and 2013 came to be. Spending New Year's with my fiance's family was great, but trying to catch up the rest of the week has been crazy. Student teaching starts on Monday, first with observation, and then a gradual movement toward more responsibility in the classroom. I'm both nervous and excited.

However, being at school, during the 'regular' school day-- meaning from 7 to 3-- will cut down on craft and reading time, which is slightly disappointing. Wedding planning will also be put aside, at least for a bit.

My camera battery died, otherwise I'd share a few photos from my Christmas adventures. My future sister in law ordered hats for Christmas-- ages ago!-- but now I finally have modeled photos of most of the hats I made for her. I'm planning on sharing those soon, just because her kids are so cute :)

Even with a busy life, I want to make a few goals for the new year:
  1. At least one craft show item made a week-- like a hat or scarf. This should eat up some of my stash so I won't have to move all of it come August.
  2. Craft with purpose-- this means dyeing yarn as well as making things. I have so many items that were "cute" or "fun" to make, but now I don't know who to give them too.
  3. Do that exercising thing. Being on my feet all day in a classroom is not going to be great for my physical well-being-- at our student teaching "training" they told us to make sure we are exercising-- Plus, I have a wedding dress that needs to fit properly.
  4. Only buy new yarn when I need it-- no need to explain this one
  5. DO NOT overcommit yourself. I've done this a bit already, but I really need to keep it in check. I have projects for other people that I really don't want to make, but I've already committed.
  6. Blog for me. I've found that blogging holds me accountable for finishing projects, and I love sharing my journey with a particular bit of yarn.
We'll see what I make of these goals come the end of January when I'm in the thick of things.

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  1. Good luck student teaching! My fiance did that last year and he really enjoyed his experience.


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