Saturday, January 19, 2013

FO Saturday

Due to my school schedule and my inability to have pictures prepared in advance, I'm doing a FO Saturday. (Still linking up with Tami so you can see other cool stuff!!)

Thursday night, hoping beyond hoping that I might be able to have pictures and everything else prepared, I powered through and finished the last few rows on my Mezzaluna in Knit Picks Chroma Elfin. Using Chroma I was only able to get 17 rows-- so no border. But I like it all the same. 

Chroma Mezzaluna
The size is very generous-- nearly 80 inches along the top edge. I really loved working with Chroma. It is a single ply, and has a slight thick & thin characteristic, but I enjoyed working with it.

Last week I finished my Oveja scarf, and wore it as soon as I wove the ends in. I love the border along the long edge, such a different design element than the patterns I usually make.

Oveja 2
Wearing it with my favorite pair of boots and awesome print tights.
And to cap off my progress, I have a third Shallow Waters shawlette. But there are some technical difficulties. It's in Knit Picks Felici, which comes in 218 yd skeins. When I bought it, it was just to try it out, so I only bought one skein of each color I wanted. This one is called Tiki.
Nearly finished

If you look carefully, you can see the last row is a solid peachy-pink color. This color is one of a pack of mini-skeins that I received in a swap. It was the closest match in color when I went scrambling through my yarn, trying to find something that worked. You see, my plan originally was to use the half skein of Stroll Tonal Pearlescent that I had left from my Pearl Wrap.  But I must have looked at the 2 skeins together in bad light, and I was convinced that they matched. They don't. So, I really want this to be a bigger scarf. And I dont want to frog it all. There are 400 yards in the mini-skein pack-- 40 yards in each mini-skein. Here are my possibilities:

Options 1 & 2
1 & 2

Options 3 & 4
3 & 4

Options 5 & 6
5 & 6
What do you think? I could really use the help. Thanks!! (Edit for clarity: I have not paired any of the yarns together, I just took the photos in pairs for ease of viewing & numbering)


  1. Really great pieces and well done on the finishes. Can I say No 3 (the one on the left) and No6 (the one on the right), I think those might work but all so pretty its hard to pick just two. I know you meant which picture but I actually think those two might blend well with the shawl. Best of luck with your decision.

    1. Thanks for the help!! I also had another suggestion to swatch-- so you might have to weigh in again! :)

  2. Such pretty projects! Love the scarf. I like 1 & 3. Great colors!

  3. I LOVE your mezzaluna! It looks beautiful! I think I'm going to have to see if I can get hold of some of that colourway :-)

  4. wow those FO's are gorgeous - i love the colours of the mezzaluna, really pretty. have a knitty wednesday xx


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