Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Knitting Progress...

I am making wedding progress, though!! We've set a date, we've set a budget, and we've locked in the church and the hall. And I have to say, having a big family is definitely a good thing when planning expensive things like weddings. Two of my uncles are already locked in for photography and music-- for FREE!! It's just such a blessing to have that support as E and I plan our wedding.

I've also picked out my wedding "projects". I'm crocheting all the personal flowers, as well as crafting some of the other reception decorations. I also just purchased a bunch of ivory colored blank cards to  rubber stamp & decorate for thank-yous.

On the "legit" crafting front, my knitting has slowed down to 2 major projects, the poncho I keep showing (it's not worth a new pic this week) and the sweater that is still not on the needles. Numerous crocheted infinity scarves still need to be made for my craft show next weekend.

Annnnnnndddddd I can't get my internet to allow me to upload pictures. Maybe later this week...
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  1. Great that you having the wedding plans set! How exciting :)

  2. woohoo on the date. you sure have a list of goodies to make! good luck

  3. Congratulations!! Have fun with the planning.

  4. Wedding planning does get in the way of regular crafting. A dear friend got married this year, we made all most everything, and at her reception we looked at each other and in unison said I have time to craft now! Have fun and enjoy it. Oh and as someone who had a friend take her wedding pictures, get the photos/film/drive or at least a copy right away. We lost rolls and had developing errors so I have the box camera pictures from the reception only.

  5. How exciting! I think we all like to read about others planning their weddings because we remember ours and that exiting time. And doing one creatively adds an extra level of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love hearing about your wedding plans. This is so exciting =)


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