Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday! 5

I've been working on some crocheted cupcakes- a bit of a promo for my hat business. My dad wanted to show the ladies at work what I was doing, I showed him a cupcake, he commissioned a dozen so I could put promo tags on them and he could distribute them to the ladies for Christmas, while also supporting me! I have 9 good ones done for him, and was fooling around with some photos.
9 cupcakes

I also have orders for 3 dinosaur hats in smaller sizes, so I've been working on getting them the correct size. I've actually had to frog back on 2 of them (still need to get the yarn for the last one), so that's a bit frustrating.

But in fun news! It snowed through the night, but then became sunny this morning, so it was perfect to go outside and take some pictures.
snowy day
princely bear
purple cupcake

That's all I have for WIPW! Visit Tami's Amis to see people who have way more imagination than I do.


  1. So sweet of your Dad to be so supportive, and such cute little cupcakes. Zero calories too!

  2. Yay for your Dad!

    And the snow is so pretty.


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