Friday, October 28, 2011

FO Friday! 1

SO it's Friday (cue Rebecca Black song)
I've managed to finish 3 items since last week, but nothing of great awesomeness. I'm totally failing at posting pics, and I feel super bad about it. Hopefully next week I'll have some to share.

I finished another scarf for the show next week- Lion Brand Homespun in colorway Harvest- I love the greens and oranges- nice and fall-ish. I also finished a shawl  in the same yarn, but in colorway Golden. One  more hat out of the way- a lovely red with yellow spines and blue spots. I love how the color combo turned out- very bright and cheery.

I'm looking forward to craft show season being over, even though I do love the rush of trying to get enough stuff done for a show. As I say every year, I definitely plan on trying to get more inventory prepared ahead of time, but no guarantee, especially with school getting busier with each passing semester. But, if I do plan on continuing with these shows, I will need to have inventory ahead of time, as next fall will be super busy.

Pictures on Monday!!
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