Tuesday, November 22, 2016


My sister in law is a great inspiration for me. She lives on a farm with her five kids, husband working for the local school and their church. Recently she started selling faux-chenille blankets, inspiring me to try making one of my own. 
All the texture!

But with the habit that is buying fabric, I ended up with two! One pink/orange/yellow/green, the other red/white/navy. 

This is much brighter in person. 

My binding job is not great, but definitely an experience. Clare uses the wider satin binding on all of her blankets, which adds another bit of texture to the already amazing feeling blankets. She sells them through Facebook, at her page Mydea. I know she would appreciate the traffic and the likes. :)

I have many improvements to my own sewing that need to happen, but practice makes perfect. Already, I am working on a third blanket, and hope to have it done sometime in the new year.

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