Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Progress and babies.

A couple of projects going simultaneously right now, and deadlines approaching faster than originally remembered. 
Cloudy mornings mean colors are difficult to capture
This red & brown round ripple is a gift. After I finish with the brick red rounds, I'll add one more of beige and a border of the gold. Using Vanna's Choice yarn means the matching has already been done for me. I love the way these particular colors work together. 

Still working on my gray monochrome sunny spread, but as its due date is closer than nearly all my other projects, it's taken precedence over everything else. Just last night, I squared up a third of the circles, so I'm really optimistic about finishing-- maybe as soon as the end f the week. 

While this scarf didn't have a deadline, it's been a forever WIP. I decided to bite the bullet, frog the last section and weave in the remaining ends. The variegated sections are Alpaca Sox, which is lovely and fuzzy and warm. The solids are Knit Picks Palette, definitely a workhorse yarn, and one of my go-tos. 

Little Munchkin is ten months old, and just starting to toddle along. His 'signature move' is the three step plop-- just my funny way of saying he takes three to five steps, and then plops on the floor. He's still working on the balance thing. 

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  1. Hi, Mary, Your round ripple is beautiful! I'm still a beginner and so I'll be visiting you often to see what tips I can pick up from you. I have lots of left over yarns to use up so I'll be making granny squares too. I can do those pretty easily. That little guy is so cute!

  2. The three step plop. lol The Little Munchkin is a cutie.

  3. I love the Round Ripple! What a beautiful pattern.
    And your little one is just darling. They are more entertaining than the best movie, aren't they?
    Via Yarn Along


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