Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When Knitting Becomes Friends With Me Again.

Crochet was my first love. One hook and a bit of string. Knitting came second and came less naturally. I tried making it work many times, but always fell back on crocheting, envious of all the awesome knitting patterns out there. I found Ravelry and the great crochet community there, which encouraged me to branch out in my crocheting. I still came back to my needles every so often, but struggled with it, projects that should only take days took months or more.

a few baby rows

This is my cast on for a baby sweater. According to my Rav project page, I started this on January 30. Starting small made me feel like I had a higher probability of finishing. 
Here I am, the beginning of April, the need for this sweater slowly fading. I've gotten as far as one sleeve in progress. Double-pointed needles are not my friend, so I switched to circular again. I have a shorter circ that I want to try, but haven't quite gotten there yet.

Ravelry says I finished working on this project April 4. Sounds close to accurate. I gave up on the sleeves and just went for the cap-ish sleeve created by the yoke. Not 100% successful, I suppose, but it took less time to finish than my last "big knitting project". I think I may be able to pull off knitting with dpn for a bigger project, just not this one. Despite sometimes feeling like I don't have it, this sweater reminded me that knitting has its place, and definitely some benefits.

I'm still going back to my hooks. :)


  1. The sweater is adorable (or maybe it is just the model who is super-adorable!)

    I agree completely - knitting is difficult! As my daughter told my husband: "you ever notice if Mom wants to get something done fast, she crochets and if she doesn't care how long it takes, she knits?" Too true

    I won't give up on knitting, but crochet is my first love and go-to as well


  2. such a cute knit!!! I only know knitting so far, crocheting has been a mystery! one thing at a time!!! :)))) God bless you and your cute little guy!

  3. beautiful sweater!! Love the knitting and I love that you do both knitting and crocheting, twice the fun, right?


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