Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Snow Day

Just like every other teacher who gets up five days a week to teach a group of students, I enjoy my snow days. The 3 days off right after Christmas break were awesome. The odd 'cold day' here and there can be great too. But I definitely am at the point where I just want one week of school to go as plan, with all five days included. My students seem to enjoy the extra days off, but seriously, I tend to get stir crazy at home. I already have one of my classes planned out through the end of February. 
Since I've been given another day off, I will be planning my other classes through February's end, longer if I can. 

One benefit, I suppose, is a little opening in my free time which allows me to read. I ventured to my public library last week (it's basically a week across the street) and came home with 3 new books. I I finished the first one last night. 

I really enjoy the style of writing, and how the author makes the past important in dealing with the present day issues. This particular book dealt with British operatives in Occupied France during WWII. Beautiful descriptions of Paris as well as the south of France, combined with an interesting cast of characters including a French noblemen, a female British spy and upper level of Nazi officers. Also, rare books. 
I really enjoyed this book, and hope to have a chance to enjoy a few others on my day off! 

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  1. This sounds great. I've just read a book about a female British spy in occupied France and really enjoyed it, so I might have to put this one on my to-read list! :)


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