Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keeping Myself Busy

Taking care of a husband, a house, and 140 teenagers is rough work! Technically, I'm not taking care of a house, but rather an apartment, but still, the idea is the same.  I'm loving my job, though its really busy. I have 7th and 9th graders at 2 different schools, and they always seem to keep me on my toes. Teaching really is a wonderful adventure every day, and I feel blessed to be where I am.

Working and commuting (40 minutes one way) takes a lot of my time, leaving less than I'd like for knitting and crocheting. But, several of the teachers I work with crochet or knit!! I was excited to learn that, and they inspire me to keep up my craft.

In other news, I've found 3 new LYSs in my area. They aren't actually new, just new to me. I've been able to visit 2 of them, and loved them both! Each of them had something different to offer to me as a crafter, and I hope to go back soon. The last few weeks I've been a bit spoiled, as I've had some spare crafting money, and was able to buy yarn I wouldn't normally buy. However, I still plan on visiting my LYSs every so often. It's quite an adventure for me anyway, as usually I don't deviate far from my route to and from school, plus the weekly grocery stop, gas fill-up and visits to my in-laws' house. Some days I feel like quite the boring person, LOL.


  1. Congratulations on your wedding! May God bless you and your husband!!!

  2. does it feel weird to type 'husband'?
    Congratulations and good to see you again!
    May you have a blessed day


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