Friday, August 2, 2013

My First free day

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my college job. That made today my first day off the job, which I spent mostly hanging out and relaxing. 

Mom and I picked blueberries, since the weather was lovely- cool and overcast, which changed into partly sunny, with a breeze. 

I followed that with awesome made-up Chinese food, some time working on my dresser, and then decided a Harry Potter marathon might be a fun idea. I move my computer, set up with my crochet project and went to town. 

Because I started so late in the day, I only made it through the first film. It was still a fun way to spend my afternoon, and I did get a few more rows on my blanket. 


  1. too funny - that scene has to be one of my favorites!

    Glad you had such a great day - looking forward to the final reveal of the dresser


  2. hahahahahahaha! I love that scene, too. totally sets the character of Hermione. Your blueberries look delicious, too.

  3. You have a new follower now...crochet, knitting and HP? All my favorites!


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~ Mary